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Join our mailing list to get a free preset and more!

Upgrading your color pipeline will do more to improve your photography than any new camera or lens ever will.

After 10+ years working as a professional advertising photographer, I’ve realized that there’s nothing better you can do for your career and in developing your own aesthetic than to invest in tools that save you time and improve your post-production workflow.

More than just Presets

Our color packs all include unique Colorhouse Film profiles. This enables sophisticated and precise colour transformations which are far beyond what's possible with Lightroom adjustments alone.
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Extract the best color from your images

Our custom film profile, developed from real film stock transforms colors and achieves more natural film-like tonal response by using otherwise hidden data from your RAW files.
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Cinematic presets that have really helped me enhance my images.

Alan Jones

Just bought your master collection. Thankyou. A huge bonus to all my other presets. Worth every penny!

Michael Allen

I've been studying and analyzing your images for years. Prayers answered!

Andrew Tandoh

Trusted by the best.

You'll get access to color that has been used in countless campaigns for dozens of premium brands.