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Join our mailing list to get a free preset and more!

Introducing the Lightroom Master Collection, allowing you to SAVE OVER 20% in just one click when you buy the full suite of presets that I’ve created to help you take your color grading to the next level!

For years I struggled to get beautiful, organic color in my images. I spent thousands of hours experimenting and researching color grading until finally I realized that beautiful color begins in the raw conversion process and relies on a combination of custom curves and adjustments but also a film profile that is designed around the color response of film. This was a big 'Aha' moment for me and pushed my images to a whole new level. I then developed this master collection of profiles and presets - based around real film LUTs and color response, which are at the core of this master collection.

The collection includes these three color packs:


30 total color presets emcompassing warm and cool spectrums

✓  10 custom built Cobalt presets designed to enhance cool blue tones.

✓  10 custom built Mojave presets designed to enhance warm tones.

✓  9 custom built black and white presets

✓ BONUS 'Logan' Black and white preset

✓  Colorhouse Ektar Profile

✓ Colorhouse Portra Profile  

PDF install guide

Free Updates

✓ BONUS Grain Presets

✓ BONUS Vignetting Presets

✓ BONUS Video Tutorials on how to use the presets



✓ Designed for use in Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw

✓ Designed and used by Dean Bradshaw

✓ Looks based on combination of sliders and Colorhouse Film

✓ No highlight clipping


After over 10 years working as a full time advertising photographer and doing all my own post production… I’ve also come to the realization that there’s nothing better you can do for your career and your sanity than to invest in tools that save you time. In fact, that’s why I started creating these resources in the first place - to speed up my processes when I started noticing the consistent needs I had while color grading my images for delivery and for my initial client galleries. I’ve developed these tools to help transform your editing workflow too and get back precious hours of your life. And now offered at hundreds less when you buy them all together.


If you’re like me, chances are you’ve downloaded with your fair share of presets only to find that they are never as good as you imagined and mostly unusable (or if so only at 20% intensity). Not only that, suddenly your images look like the thousands of other photographers using the very same presets - defeating the concept of developing your personal style.

We've decided to save you time and money by building a quality color pipeline that you'll ACTUALLY use for the rest of your life. These presets are built around our proprietary Colorhouse Ektar and Portra profiles which ensures a cinematic color palette and soft highlight roll-off, based on the rich tones and color of real Kodak film emulsion.


We've built our proprietary Colorhouse Film profile over years of testing and adapting to find the perfect balance of film emulation and non-destructive subtlety. You won't find this anywhere else. This isn't another preset pack built by influencers or one trying to emulate consumer-grade film scanner looks - this is designed for maximum quality harnessing the power of our custom profile film emulation coupled with the immense control of Adobe's sliders.


  • Adobe® Lightroom® 4 or later
  • Adobe® Camera Raw CS6 or later
  • Adobe® Lightroom® CC Desktop 1.4 or later and Mobile
Spend less time editing and more time shooting. Start using the finest color pipeline and presets designed for the highest quality commercial and fine art applications.


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I’m an advertising photographer and director based in Los Angeles. I'm drawn to character and story-driven, cinematic imagery - whether in still or motion pictures.