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Join our mailing list to get a free preset and more!

Common Questions

What are Lightroom presets?

Lightroom presets are filters to make your photo look a certain way or style. The presets edit your photos by adjusting multiple settings such as color, contrast, white balance, temperature, tone, saturation, vibrancy, sharpening, lens corrections, luminance etc.

What is a Color Profile?

Within Lightroom, profiles is a tool created to add new looks and styles to your shots which can't be achieved by using the standard sliders or controls in the program. Profiles are essentially lookup tables (LUTs) to create a specific look and operates after the sliders in Lightroom. Our profiles are based on film and are the final and arguably most powerful last step in achieving the most unique color possible.

How are Colorhouse presets different from other presets?

Colorhouse profiles are the central underpinning of what makes our presets different. The other element is that they are each hand crafted by world renowned photographer and director, Dean Bradshaw - who has developed these presets while shooting and retouching large international campaigns for some of the worlds coolest brands (Rolex, Audi, Indian Motorcycles etc.).

What version of Lightroom do I need?

Colorhouse Lightroom Presets are compatible with the latest versions of Lightroom CC including Lightroom Classic CC (released in 2018). Our presets are compatible with Adobe Lightroom versions after 7.3.

If you run into issues with the presets, please contact us and we’ll resolve them right away.

Which cameras are supported?

Our presets work universally for all cameras. Each camera differs in their sensor response, so the presets will operate differently based on that. I personally use these presets on images from Nikon, Canon, Fuji and Phase One cameras. They'll even work well on iphone images, although you won't get the same degree of control unless you're working with RAW images.

Do I need to shoot raw files to use Colorhouse Presets?

Our presets work remarkably well on jpg images however they are designed to be used on raw images - allowing the best possible quality and control of the image.

Are they compatible with Mac OSX and Windows?

Yes, our presets work on both platforms. Install instructions are included in your product download.

After I pay for the presets, will they be installed automatically?

After purchase, you have to import the presets into Lightroom. (Don't worry, it's very easy)

What is your refund policy?

As the presets are digital products, we do not provide refunds once they have been purchased. This is the industry standard.

Are your downloads instant?

Yes, all of our downloads are instant. After you complete the payment you will immediately have the option to download the product(s) from the final purchase page and you will also receive a download email shortly after.

Which Currency do you use?

Everything in our store is in USD. If you're purchasing in a different currency that's still okay, your bank will convert the USD into your usual currency.